Domestic abuse support center adds text message support line

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Since it was first used in 1992, text messaging has changed the way we communicate. It is an exchange between two people where a lot of ideas, information and even feelings can come out.

And so, The Bridge to Hope, a domestic violence support center in Menomonie, has decided to turn to the power of text messages, hoping it helps people speak up who need help.

"We have a specific texting number and line, so people can text us or tell us as much or little as they want," said Nicole Johnson, Services Coordinator at The Bridge to Hope. "We are here to provide support and help them realize their options and support them through any decisions they want to make."

The line went live a couple months ago and is free for anyone to use. All you have to do is send a message to 715-505-3640. Johnson says the group sees it as another way to reach out to people going through domestic abuse, especially the younger generation.

"We really figured we want to target that population to come up with a form of communication that is going to suit their needs the best," Johnson said.

She says picking up the phone can be very difficult to do and so a text messages can be a first step to getting help.

"We can have a texting conversation and the hope is they will feel more comfortable making a call to us or stop in and meeting with an advocate," she added.

Johnson says the information sent by message is confidential. You can even stay anonymous. Your message will be sent to a cell phone used at the support center - an advocate will be on the line 24/7, ready to help.

"We all have various backgrounds and experiences and want to see people happy and healthy in a relationship," Johnson added.