Drought monitor shows abnormally dry conditions

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LA CROSSE, Wis. (WEAU) -- The U.S. Drought Monitor shows parts of La Crosse and Crawford Counties and most of Vernon County are experiencing dryer than normal conditions.

The DNR said Vernon and Crawford Counties are at a high fire risk.

“Right now we've had persistent, a lot of Canadian cold fronts coming through the area, which have been bringing dry air into the region. Some areas to the south are 3-6 inches below normal," said National Weather Service forecaster Jeff Boyne.

Boyne said if the hot weather returns for the summer we could see a quick rapid development of a drought.

He also said if the temperatures stay below normal like they have been it will be slower developing.

“The hay fields, the pastures are slow growing right now. Crops on sandy soils are starting to struggle a little bit, because now they're trying to demand water, and they don't have it,” said Boyne.

Boyne said right now mainly grasses are affected. 

He said to keep watering if you've been doing that, because if you stop, and then start again, it will prompt more diseases in your grass.

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