Duffy hosts town hall meeting in Cornell

(WEAU) - Congressman Sean Duffy stopped in the area to sit down and talk with his constituents.

Duffy has vowed to hold at least one town hall a year in every county he governs. Wednesday, he stopped at the American Legion in Cornell.

Duffy touched on topics like the fiscal cliff and gun control, and talked to us about trying to resolve the looming debt ceiling. "So we're going to have a conversation about can we reduce how much we spend because listen, we can't just keep raising the debt limit, we can't keep borrowing and spending the way we've been doing it. We have to come together and go... We have to get on a pathway or trajectory to balancing our budget."

Duffy also made a stop in Barron County earlier in the day, and a couple of stops in St. Croix County Tuesday.

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