Dunn Co. Sheriff's Department helps DOJ create a training tool

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MENOMONIE, Wis. (WEAU) -- An area sheriff's department is helping to create a training tool for hundreds of law enforcement agencies.

The Dunn County Sheriff's Department is helping make an educational video that both officers and students will use. The real investigators spent the day acting to help keep communities across the country safe.

The roll-call law program started in 1991. It involves the Department of Justice guiding reenactments of recent Wisconsin Supreme Court cases.

“About every 3-4 months we do a video of a recent case and use it as a training video for the police,” explained Assistant Attorney General Dave Perlman.

This is the first time it made its way this far into western Wisconsin.

“The roll-call videos are a good asset to the state and I've seen many of them, if not all of them throughout my training and career,” said Dunn County Sergeant Chad Pollock.

Pollock was a part of the video Wednesday, his first time participating is something like this.

“Every scenario is different but we learn a lot of different things. This particular scenario deals with the legality of consent of entering somebody's home and looking at property,” said Pollock.

Officials say using real law enforcement officers and not actors has many benefits.

“I think it adds a little more authenticity to it,” said Perlman.

“It’s a benefit for the officers that actually role play in the scenario. It helps us learn, and I think we have a good understanding of the process to begin with, so it's good to pass that along to other law enforcement officers,” said Pollock.

More than 600 law enforcement agencies will see the video, along with many training programs and technical schools.

“They have to react quickly on very tough dynamic situations. And these kind of videos, hopefully in the training programs that we have and are associated with them, will help them make the right decisions when their time comes,” added Perlman.