ECPD gets new squad vehicle

(WEAU) - The Eau Claire Police Department has a new squad vehicle.

Officer Kyle Roder says the department is phasing out its Crown Victorias and purchased a 2012 Ford Interceptor utility vehicle. Roder says the SUV is more fuel-efficient, has four-wheel drive and is better equipped for the snow. It also has more room for the officers, their gear and the people being arrested.

Roder told us Thursday "it's not a luxury, it’s a practicality issue for our officers. They do spend 8 plus hours a day in those squads. They type their reports in there, they do everything in those squads so it's really their office and they need it to be a functional place for them to perform their duties."

The new vehicle cost $25,000 dollars, which is a little more than the old vehicles but Roder says the re-sale value will be higher.

The department will get more new vehicles over time as they rotate and phase out the old ones.

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