Eau Claire County Fair has big meaning for kids that care for animals

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- It is fair season in Western Wisconsin. When you think "fair" the sights and sounds at the Eau Claire County Fair are probably not what you would expect.

There is no midway, no rides, but a lot of opportunity for kids who love working with animals.

Anna Schoen has been part of 4H for nine years. She says many of the kids at the fair look forward to the Eau Claire County Fair each year.

"You finally get to show off your product, and you get rewarded and feel good about it, and it just feels awesome," she said.

We found kids at the fair of all ages, holding animals of all types. Each animal, you could say, looked their Sunday best.

"To get my chickens ready for the fair I had to bathe them, clip their toenails and make sure they didn't have lice or mice," said Claire Bee.

Months of preparation lead up to the fair. When the kids get here with their animals, new lessons are learned.

"The goal of the fair is to give our children experiences, grow their leadership abilities, and an opportunity for them to have fun in a positive way," said Anna Schoen, Superintendent of the Poultry Project.

It is not the typical fair you would expect. But for these kids, that is alright.

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