Eau Claire Early Childhood program hoping for a new building

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis (WEAU)--Growing enrollment is leaving Eau Claire schools a little crowded and while more students is a good problem for a district to have it has left one group looking for a new home.

Currently split between 4 schools, The Eau Claire Early Childhood Learning Program is hoping for its own building.

“North High and their staff have been fabulous and they take these kids under their wing but the fact is they have teachers teaching on carts here because they don’t have room for them,” said Heidi White.

Early Childhood Education Director Heidi White says preschool is a crucial time in a child’s development and requires a different learning environment than a traditional classroom.

"Really this program is working on building the language and readiness skills,” said White.

And in order to do that, White says the district needs an Early Learning Childhood Center.

"We would be able to provide much more effective services when we don't have people running between buildings," said White.

One of the benefits is the center would provide the kids with a place to play instead of part of a hallway.

“Part of the research is that kids need to be active and it would be nice to have our own space and therapy space,” said White.

The School District is in the process of purchasing Epiphany Lutheran School and if there is no public objection they hope to have the space soon.