Eau Claire Fire and Rescue train with hazardous materials

(WEAU) - If you were in the area of fire station number 9 in Eau Claire, you might have notice quite a bit of commotion Monday, but don't worry, it was all a part of a drill.

The City of Eau Claire says Eau Claire Fire and Rescue crews are participating in joint hazardous materials training. The training is with Wisconsin’s 54th Civil Support Team, which is the state National
Guard's full time response team for emergencies or terrorist attacks that involve weapons of mass destruction or toxic industrial chemicals.

Lt. Col. David May with the 54th Civil Support Team told us "we get to see each others capabilities and ten actually operate with each other exactly how we would at a real scene. That way, if we ever had to do this in real life, then we know exactly what were able to provide each other. And we also know each other. Faces and names are very important on an emergency site like this."

The city says the training will continue through Tuesday.

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