Eau Claire School Board votes to allow teacher snow days

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- It is a sight we have all come to know very well every winter. We are talking about snow and a lot of it. In the most extreme cases, enough to cancel school.

Kari Gruna is a school counselor in the Eau Claire Area School District. She calls herself lucky because on the snowiest of days, she has the comforts of already being in town. It does not necessarily make her trek easy but she knows some of her colleagues have it far worse.

"There are quite a few that live out of town that are not able to make it or at least not in the morning and some have not made at all and got stuck in their driveways," she said about some teachers.

And so on Monday night, she was glad to see the school board changed a policy that would allow teachers, herself included in the group, to stay home when kids are told to stay home.

"It does put a lot of people at risk, it's a big inconvenience," she said of having to go to work when school is closed.

This was actually the policy through 2012 until, under a handbook change, teachers were required to report to work if they could make it.

Gruna says she likes the idea of getting work done from home if it is too dangerous to go to school. She is glad her colleagues with students daily in the classroom also have that option.

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