Student Transit takes over Altoona school routes

(WEAU) - Student Transit has taken over the bus routes for the Altoona School District.

Altoona Superintendent Connie Biedron says it signed a contract with the company in August and it took over this month. The company bought all of its 11 buses and hired almost all the same bus drivers.

Biedron says the district managed its own transportation for several years and the maintenance costs were getting too expensive. "It’s just getting harder. It’s a specialized field, there's a lot involved in that, safety and making sure the buses are safe and up on all the changes and all those things. We just felt it was better for us to have someone who's more experienced," Biedron told us.

She says none of the bus routes will change for the rest of this school year but it might look into more efficient routes for next year.