Eau Claire YMCA to close skate park permanently

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (YMCA OF EAU CLAIRE NEWS RELEASE) -- The YMCA of Eau Claire has announced that the Board of Directors has decided to permanently close the YMCA Skate Park.

In 1999, the Eau Claire YMCA recognized that the community had a great need for a place where youth could skate safely and without damaging property of area businesses. It responded to that need by opening the YMCA Skate Park next to the L.E. Phillips Tennis and Gymnastics Center.

Over the years, attendance at the skate park gradually declined. After the City of Eau Claire opened a free, unsupervised skate park in 2013, attendance at the Y skate park declined even further. Facing decreased attendance and admissions revenue and rising maintenance costs - and with another skating option available to the youth of our community - the YMCA Board voted in December to
permanently close the Y Skate Park in 2014.

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