Eau Claire man accused of murder to be arraigned

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An Eau Claire man accused of killing his wife appeared in-person in court for the first time on Tuesday for a preliminary hearing.

60-year-old Thomas Biesterveld is charged with 1st degree intentional homicide in the death of his wife Lois Biesterveld.

Judge Kristina Bourget listened to arguments from prosecutor, Eau Claire Co. District Attorney Gary King and defense attorney Timothy O'Brien. Now the case will move forward for an arraignment.

King called Sgt. Mark Piper to the stand. Piper was questioned about what happened on August 21st and 22nd.

"I received a call from Lt. Greg Webber from the patrol division. He was at the scene of what he described as a suspicious death investigation at 821 Harris Street," said Piper.

"Do you know if Thomas Biesterveld has any connection to 821 Harris Street?" asked King.

"Yes I do," replied Piper.

"What connection does he have to that address," asked King.

"That is his residence," Piper said.

According to the complaint, Thomas Biesterveld told a detective he and his wife got into a fight on August 21st. Lois Biesterveld said she was going to leave him and he said he got scared. He confessed to the detective he killed her.

"I observed that there was a deceased body of an adult female lying partially in and partially out of the doorway leading into the I guess you would call it a car port on the left side of the building," said Piper.

"Do you know if the body was identified?" asked King.

"Yes, it was identified as Lois Biesterveld," replied Piper.

Thomas Biesterveld's attorney Timothy O'Brien also cross-examined Piper, calling some of the evidence into question, including what happened when a Bloomer police officer tried to pull over a suspicious vehicle that belonged to Thomas Biesterveld.

"While pulled alongside, did the Bloomer officer identify the person in the vehicle?" asked O'Brien.

"No," replied Piper.

"Did he identify him as a male or a female?" O'Brien asked.

"Not that I know of," said Piper.

"Did he ever state that he intentionally shot his wife?" asked O'Brien.

"No, he did not," said Piper.

Enough evidence was presented to move forward with an arraignment on October 8th. That's when O'Brien said Biesterveld will enter a plea.