Eau Claire yard waste program ending early

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) People looking to drop off their yard waste may soon be out of luck as an Eau Claire pilot program is falling victim to it's own success.

The yard waste drop off site on Jeffers Road will be shutting down early this summer, as it's over budget from more people using it than anticipated.

The program was budgeted for $2,000, but county leaders say they are expecting the bill to be closer to $5,000 by the end of July, which is three months earlier then it originally planned to close down.

"It was a pilot program, I try and make that clear in all the publications, so a pilot program doesnt mean its permenant, so we did have to pull the cord early. We're going to re-evaluate the program, look into next year, maybe a little help from the city if that's possible, maybe if there are any grants out there we can use to help fund the program and help bring it back, so thats what we're looking at right now," says Amanda Haffele, Recycling Coordinator.

Haffele says although people wont be able to drop off yard waste after july, you'll still be able to drop off twigs, branches and tree stumps on Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons until November 8th.