Election day voter registration debate

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(WEAU)--High voter turnout is typically a sign of a vibrant democracy. Governor Scott Walker says same-day registration can cause a "real problem" as well.
The issue has gotten more attention recently after walker mentioned it in a speech earlier this month in California. He says he thinks it would be easier on election clerks if voters could not register at the polls.

Walker says his comments have gotten a disproportionate amount of attention and that he won't make doing away with same-day registration a priority.

But Walker's comments have spurred Election Day voter registration discussions across the state.

"I visited 12 of the polling places in Eau Claire this year and when you went to those polling by the university you saw long lines and they were universally at the same day registration spot,” said Brian Westrate.

Brain Westrate with the Eau Claire Republican Party says the problem with day of registration is it's hard to document.
"Making the change to same day registration is one easy way to both change how smoothly the election process goes and to makes sure every vote properly cast counts

But Beverly Wickstrom with Eau Claire County’s Democratic Party says taking away the right to register will only hurt voters and discourage new voters.

“I’m concerned that many people students, people who move a lot would be disenfranchised because they would recognize a change in the law,” Wickstrom.

In 2010 10 percent of voters registered on Election Day.