Electronic dumping remains a problem in Chippewa Valley

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EAU CLAIRE, Wisc. (WEAU) - With spring cleaning right around the corner, the D.N.R. is warning people about the dangers of throwing away electronics or dumping them in landfills.

Josh Boxx, president of Boxx Sanitation in Eau Claire said just about everywhere, people are throwing out items that can be harmful to the environment.

"The biggest problem facing folks now is awareness. What qualifies and once that qualifies as electronic waste, what do I do with it?" Boxx said.

"Computers or TVs or VCRs or DVD players that are just placed in the trash receptacle," he said. "We come across electronic waste that is not landfillable, we will leave it for the customer as a sign to say this is not a landfillable item and they need to take appropriate action."

Greg Devoll, co-owner of First Choice Computer Recycling said recycling e-waste properly can save money and lives.

"This is a cheaper way to go rather than mining the ground to get it," Devoll said. "Everybody's trying to get more competitive and put out a less expensive product with more technology and this is one way to try and funnel that to that so you can get things less expensive."

"Everything that comes here gets destroyed, everything that you have that has any data on it, hard drives, memory on your printers, CDs with stuff you've recorded; all gets destroyed here and shredded."

"If it continues to get thrown in there and go in the ground, it's gonna be an issue, sooner or later with the entire environment and getting into the water system and getting into things that we need on a daily basis. We can't live without water," he said.

For more information on what can be recycled and where to go, visit http://dnr.wi.gov/topic/ecycle/ or http://www.firstchoicerecycling.com/theme/9/index.cfm?event=pageview&id=143.