Eleva-Strum High School uses technology to expand classroom boundaries

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ELEVA, Wis (WEAU)—A local school is expanding classroom boundaries. The use of technology allows Eleva-Strum High school students enrolled in upper division math courses to have unlimited access to the day's lesson, and lets teachers help students from the comfort of home.

Eleva-Strum Math Teacher Megan Leis says one of the challenges in teaching is that no student learns the same way or at the same pace.

Now all that is changing.

“The technology lets some of the students go faster if they want to, and other students to get extra help if they want it,” said Leis.

Using an iPad app, Leis records her lessons for Pre-Calc, Calculus, and Statistics while she is teaching the class. Then Leis emails the students a movie file along with their homework.

"I just sit at home and look at my computer, and there’s my whole calculus book and lesson right online,” said Abram Pedersen.

The technology is allowing students to go above and beyond their course work.

Eleva-Strum Senior Andrew Gregory had two classes he wanted to take but the times conflicted.

"Since the notes and lessons are recorded and emailed out, I’m able to go to language of meds during Calculus," said Gregory.

Under the supervision of Leis, Andrew uses his free period to complete the calculus homework.

"It's nice, because I can go at my own pace," said Gregory.