Employees at Weathershield say their tax returns have been hacked

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People in Western Wisconsin are once again feeling the effect of a security breach that happened more than a year ago.

Back in 2012, several employees at Weathershield, a Wausau based company with a location in Ladysmith, were hacked.
Employees were unable to file their taxes because someone else had already filed them using their identity.
This year, according to a Weathershield spokesperson, it's happened again.
One former employee says losing his tax returns will put his family behind.

"Sunday came around, we got a call from H&R Block saying that my taxes were declined because they were already filed. It's going to be tough for us for probably the next couple months, getting bills paid off", Keith Borski, a former weather shield employee says.

Company leaders say the F.B.I. is investigating where the identity theives are coming from.