Facebook catches on through free seminars

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The people logging on to Facebook may not be the teenagers you expect—but their parents and grandparents.

Right now we're finding that the fastest growing demographic on Facebook is women 55 to 65 and though that demographic is strongly represented in the workshops we have, there are a variety of people coming to our workshops,” says Laurie Boettcher, a social media instructor.

As Boettcher holds this free workshop at the L.E. Phillips Memorial Library in Eau Claire on Saturday, she's helping all the Facebook first timers—And those looking for tips, on how to surf the popular social networking site.

“Facebook has opened doors to communicate like we've never dreamed possible, so I am able to connect with family, friends and relatives that are across the globe, and I think people appreciate that and feel that closeness and that relationship building,” she says.

Jean Radtke says she's had difficulties on Facebook before.

“I got Facebook initially because I got a new grandson, and I wanted to stay in touch with him, and my daughter, and her husband,” says Radtke.

But now this class, and the practice time afterwards, has cleared up some misconceptions and given her confidence.

“It's far more complicated than email, and I wasn’t very sure of myself ,so I found myself staying away from it,” says Radtke. “But I thought this class would help me face everything and get back on and stay in touch with my daughters.”

Radtke says now her loved ones who are miles apart are actually just a mouse-click away.

Many small business owners also attended the seminar today, asking questions on how to get their businesses on Facebook. Business owners we spoke to say getting on Facebook is much cheaper than other forms of advertising or marketing.

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