Family asks for online votes to help win new mobility van

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BLACK RIVER FALLS, Wis. (WEAU) -- 8-year-old Danny Knoll is taking life one step at a time. But those steps come only with a helping hand from others.

Danny, who has Cerebral Palsy, is not able to walk on his own. It is his wheelchair that helps him get from Point A to Point B.

"He likes swimming Matchbox cars, we take him fishing, we have cookouts," his mom, Kim Hanson, said.

Even though a wheelchair makes doing all those things easier, there is still one big problem.

"We just have a small Chevy Cavlier car and the wheelchair doesn't fit there," she said.

And as Danny gets older, it has also become a growing problem.

"We have a stroller that we use, just have to carry him to the stroller, just gets kinda hard," she added.

And so his family is part of a contest through the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association. People vote online, the contestants that are in the top five percent get their stories reviewed by a panel of judges, and they select a winner.

Hanson says this prize could have a big impact on how they live everyday.

"We could go more places, he likes going to the store shopping with his mom," she added.

She imagines being able to easily take him to the beach, the mall, and as far as a family vacation to Indiana to see friends.

And so, just like the small steps Danny takes, one by one, Hanson hopes so will be the case with votes.

"It would make a world of difference, a lot easier on us," she said.

To vote for Danny, click here.

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