Fighting allergies this spring

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis-- Spring has sprung, it's time to ditch the winter jackets and enjoy the great outdoors. But for many the sunshine, budding trees and blooming flowers means watery itchy eyes and nose.

“You shouldn't have to suffer from allergies. When you say it’s just allergies we can just do something about it,” said Dr. Adela Taylor with Mayo Clinic Health System.

Taylor says from over-the-counter drugs to prescribed medications there are many options to treat and stop allergies from ruining your spring.

"I usually have all my patients go on something for their nose, usually a nasal spray and they usually add an antihistamine to it help with other symptoms and if they are still having issues with those two, then we add eye drops," said Taylor.

Taylor says she recommends people try over-the-counter eye drops first. She says they tend to be less expensive.

"For those people who hate the idea of taking medicines then we recommend Allergen immunotherapy, which is actually hair of the dog that licked you. So we take what you’re allergic to dilute them down and inject them back into you to create tolerance to what you are allergic to its 80 percent affective," said Taylor.

And if you haven't started you’re allergy routine yet Taylor says don't wait.

“I recommend at least a week or two before the season starts,” said Taylor.

Once the flowers are blooming Taylor says there are also simple things you can do to change your environment to help fight your allergies.

“For example, If you are allergic to trees you’re going to make sure keeping your windows are shut during tree season. You’re going to shower at night after being outside so you’re not going to bed with pollen on your head,” said Taylor.