Firewood restrictions

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EAU CLAIRE Wis. (WEAU)-- "I don't think people want to be the carriers of tree-killing organisms,” said Communications Specialist with the Wis. DNR, Ed Culhane.

The new proposal would ban firewood that came from further than 10-miles away, instead of the current 25-mile rule.
It's a way of protecting Wisconsin ash trees from invasive species like emerald ash borer that is a threat to 7.5 billion ash trees in North America.

"We have many important ash trees up north we have black ash trees that are very important to the kind of habitat they exist in, and if they would die off, it would have some profound effect on the area they populate,” said Culhane.

The DNR sees the proposal as a positive change, since it doesn't anticipate that it will impact the economy. Culhane says the DNR is going to go through many stages before approving the proposal, including communicating the issue to the public.

"I think it's important to say to that public discussion is going to take place too. It's going to go thought a certain process and there is going to be a lot of opportunities for public input. It'd be a good chance for us to say, hey, these are the risks we're facing, why we are proposing this rule.”

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