Winter storm moving out, leaving plenty to clean up

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The heaviest snowfall of the season thus far has moved out, leaving in its wake several inches of fresh snow accumulation. The storm's intensity was a surprise, leaving many areas with amounts higher than initially forecast. Many areas in the Chippewa Valley received between 6-9" of accumulation, with anywhere between 2-5" further to the north, and in the Coulee Region.

Alberta Clippers are quick moving storm systems that originate around the province of Alberta in Canada, and are very common this time of year. We see several of these typically throughout the winter season, and the majority produce anywhere between 1-5" of accumulation.

SkyWarn13 Chief Meteorologist Darren Maier says this storm looked like it would be a typical clipper for at least our area as late as yesterday, but the forecast models that are used to help guide meteorologists in their predictions started showing much higher amounts on last night's runs and into the morning hours. He says the storm's upper level intensity was under forecast until the last minute, and with a much stronger piece of energy came higher precipitation amounts and slower movement.. along with a perfect track just to our south.. and we know the end result.

Another clipper is forecast to arrive Wednesday night into Thursday, but this one will be passing much further north, resulting in only an inch or two of snowfall.