Melting snow and rain causes flooding frustrations in the Chippewa Valley

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU)--Sunshine and melting snow is what many people want to see in April, but the beautiful weather outside is causing flooding that's taking a toll on houses in Chippewa Valley.

Some water clean-up and restoration services say they have been slammed this whole week, cleaning out basements that have been damaged by flood from by melting snow and rain.

“With all the rain that came down last Saturday this was all still ice and snow, so the water came down here (window well) unto the ice and snow and into the window well,” said Greg Kishaba, who’s basement bedroom was flooded last day of March.

“A lot of houses we worked on this weekend had the same scenario; with the heavy snows we had on the ground, and the rain, and the melt that we had, the water actually came through the window and down the structure (talking about the window),” said the Owner of ServPro, Tom Hanaman.

And the water damage can hit your wallet hard as well. Kishaba said besides the damage costs, there are also costs to replace what was lost.

“We lost all of the carpeting in the room, and some dry wall beneath the window had to be removed as well,” said Kishaba.

ServPro says getting the damaging semi-contaminated rain water out of the room is always the priority, which is what Kishaba's kids did right away.

“They used those buckets and they made a bucket brigade and they were taking the water out of the window well and bringing it over here,” said Kishaba.

If you haven't been flooded yet, there could still be a reason to worry.
Meteorologists say the worst of melting and rain is yet to come.

“If you look outside and there is snow and ice on the ground and you have a window like this, it would probably be a good idea to make sure that snow and ice is backed away from them,” said Hanaman.

“We thought we had a few days to get things figured out and what we've learned is that it's more the matter of hours to get things done, so it's more of an emergency than we thought. It’s frustrating, but we're thankful it wasn't worse than it was,” added Kishaba.

Insurance agents say that basic policies don't always cover all flood damage. Some offer pricier policies that could cover damage like this.
Kishaba has not called his insurance company yet, but said he is not very optimistic about it.

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