Florida school board nixes dress code for parents

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West Palm Beach, FL -- Parents in West Palm Beach won't need to worry about what they wear when they go to a school event or parent-teacher conference.

The Palm Beach County School Board announced Wednesday afternoon the proposed "parent dress code" should not even have been brought up for discussion at the meeting.

The idea originated just in Broward County, where the school board was considering changes after a board member said some parents showed up wearing sagging pants, pajamas and rollers in their hair.

School board member Karen Brill opened the discussion explaining she wanted to hear comments from the board members.

But one by one, the members said they don't want a policy because they don't want to discourage parents from being involved.

School board member Marcia Andrews says "I want to be clear that regardless of what they are wearing I want them to do their best with what they can do and be so supportive of their children."

Karen Brill, agreed that the parental dress code should not be instated. Brill says "This was never intended to impede parents from coming to school and there's conversation. And the fact the press is here will parents cause to think when they go to school to make sure that what they do will not embarrass the student."

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