Flu shot season underway

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It might be hard to believe, but flu season is just around the corner.

It doesn’t usually get underway until November, but health care workers say it’s never too early to get a flu shot.

Area clinics say they already have started to give the first flu shots this year and they expect more people to get them in the coming weeks.

“Right now is a good time to come in for your flu vaccine,” M.S.N. Steve Gessert said.

Gessert, a Nurse Practitioner with Marshfield Clinic says this year there are a few options for people out there but the sooner you can get in to get vaccinated, the better.

“At this point in time we are in the early stages of pre flu and anytime you get the flu vaccine from this point on you should be good,” Gessert said.

A current map of reported influenza cases in the United States on the Centers for Disease Control shows cases right now are low, but the Health Department says they are keeping close tabs to see if the season gets off to an early start.

“Frankly, we can see that happen at any time in the fall but typically December and January we can see increased cases and in can last as late as the spring time,” Eau Claire County Health Department director Lieske Giese said.

Giese says every year there are multiple strains of flu that the CDC keeps tabs on. This year the CDC says some of the injections will protect against strains that are likely to be circulating this fall.

“If you get the vaccine it will give you some protection against the flu virus and we don't know yet what we're going to see for the 2013-2014 season. We are hoping that the vaccine is an exact match,” Giese said.

The health department says it does have clinics scheduled in a couple areas for the coming months. For information on times and locations follow the link below.

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