Former teacher donates hundreds of thousands to local non-profits

(WEAU) - A local woman's legacy is left behind and it's helping ten non-profit organizations in the community.

Betty Rogstad, 74, of Altoona passed away this past August. The former Longfellow School teacher left a generous $75,000 each to Sacred Heart Hospital, the Chippewa Valley Free Clinic and several other non-profits.

Organizations say Rogstad's generosity will have an great and lasting impact on the community.
Executive Director Chippewa Valley Free Clinic Beth Woodford said "we were so surprised. Betty was not someone we knew very well. She had given a small donation in the past so this was a wonderful surprise to open to find out she was giving such a generous gift."

Woodford says the $75,000 dollar donation will provide 13 weeks of free health care and medication to patients at Chippewa Valley Free Clinic.

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