Four arrested in string of burglaries

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CHIPPEWA FALLS, Wis. (NEWS RELEASE) - The Rusk County Sheriff’s Office and the Chippewa County Sheriff’s Office are jointly investigating a complex burglary operation originating from rural Rusk County, Wisconsin. Numerous items from the burglaries have been recovered, including several trailers, many antique items and even a .25 caliber handgun.

Mason Deridder, David Engelking-Deleon Jr. , Greg Allen and Payden Montonya, all from the Ladysmith and Rusk County areas, are suspected in over fifteen felonies. The four suspects were arrested over the past several days on burglary activities within Chippewa County, Rusk County, Taylor County and the City of Ladysmith, Wisconsin.

The suspected individuals primarily targeted properties they thought were abandoned, in foreclosure or seasonal cabins. Several of the suspects admittedly took the property to several local “e-merchants” who legally engage in business via the internet websites and, with the rest of the “scrap” going to local scrap dealers and junk yards. The scrap dealers and “e-merchants” have been cooperative with law enforcement and possibly may be considered as victims via theft by fraud.

Some property has been recovered and returned to the victims, including a car hauling trailer taken from the Ladysmith High School, several custom truck tires, an All-Terrain Vehicle, SCUBA diving equipment and antiques. All four suspects remain in custody at the Rusk County Jail at this time. David Deleon-Engleking and Greg Allen are scheduled to make initial appearances in Rusk County Circuit Court on 01/10/2013. Payden Montonya and Mason Deridder are held in the Rusk County Jail on separate $5,000 and $10,000 cash bonds. The matter remains under investigation.