Get the dirt on lawn care

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(WEAU) - Spring is in the air and that means it’s time to start looking at how to keep your landscape fresh for summer.

The snow has finally disappeared and it's time to break out the grill for those summer barbecues, but you don't want guests stepping onto a lack luster lawn.

"I get to play in the dirt every day. What guy doesn't want to do that,” said Joseph Knutson, Premium Lawn Service.

Joseph Knutson has worked in lawn service almost 25 years and knows just how to take care of your lawn.

"During dry time of the year, it’s really bad to water the middle of the day, when it gets really hot out. Watering is a big thing, fertilizing is a big thing, liming, making sure that you lime,” said Knutson.

Sometimes after a long winter, you might have patches in your grass. But, Premium Lawn Service based in Altoona says you can either seed or fertilize to help bring it back alive.

Meanwhile, he says his company has been busy with cleaning up and mowing the past few weeks.

As a homeowner, to help your lawn along, you should fertilize once a month, but what about aerating?

"Spring is a good time; fall is a good time for aeration, so probably twice a year,” said Knutson.

With the smells of freshly cut grass in the air, there's always a price to be paid.

"The grubs are really going to start. The moles are really going to start. So right now would be a good time to get that fertilizer down, that pesticide down. Get that taken care of and controlled before it gets hot let it all soak in,” said Knutson.

Yet after each blade of grass is cut there comes a reward.

"If you think it looks good, more than likely it will,” said Knutson.