Girl Scouts learn about breast cancer prevention

(WEAU) - The Girl Scouts were preaching the message of prevention Tuesday night.

The Girl Scouts hosted a Breast Cancer Awareness program at six different Mayo Clinic Health System sites Tuesday evening, including in Eau Claire. Each girl brought along at least one adult woman in their life and learned about the importance of self-exams and mammograms, along with seeing the equipment used.

Teri Soley, Mammography Supervisor with Mayo Clinic Health System says “It lets the girls understand a little bit more about breast cancer. A lot of them have someone in their life that has been touched by cancer, or even breast cancer, this gives them the opportunity to ask questions of a breast cancer survivor. It lets them actually see what their mom goes through, when she has a mammogram.

By attending the event, the girls earned their Breast Cancer Awareness Patch.

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