Golatt sentenced to life in prison, no chance for extended supervision

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This morning, a judge sentenced 44-year-old Izalia Golatt of La Crosse to life in prison with no chance for release.

In September, he was convicted of killing 35-year-old Kristen Rodgers.

Izalia Golatt was given the maximum sentence of life in prison without extended supervision. Golatt was found guilty by a jury in strangling 35 year old Kristen Rodgers. Rodgers body was found in an ally way on the north side of La Crosse, the same spot she had met with Golatt to buy drugs just hours before she was found.

Golatt admitted to frequently selling Rodgers crack and cocaine, and admitted to being with her in the ally way to drop her off.

Golatt has denied having a part in Rodgers murder throughout the trial, and continued to deny it in the sentencing.

“I'm accused of this and I'm innocent. I sit before the courtroom and I’ll say it again, I’m innocent. The only thing I did wrong was pick her up and drop her off. If I knew something was going to happen I would have dropped her back off home and said that something don't feel right," said Golatt.

Rodgers’s family says they knew all about her addiction, and that she had been trying to quit.

"She would keep trying until she got it right, always had a positive
attitude and now she doesn't have a chance. He took it away,” said Kirstens mother, Kathy Tabbert.

Rodgers’s son John says the addiction tore his family apart.

"I want the community to see this and use it as a platform to help and
stop the drugs from destroying families,” said John.

"Without her addiction she is probably still here today,” said La Crosse District Attorney Crystal Jensen.

The family feels no remorse towards Golatt, even though he asked them in his statement to remember his family too.

"He got what he deserved he got a fair trial,” said Tabbert.

"I did not take your baby from you,” said Golatt.

During the trial Golatts defense they tried to argue that Rodgers didn't die of strangulation, but of drug overdose and hypothermia. The autopsy did show that Roders had cocaine in her system at the time of her death, but that was not considered the cause of death. Surviellence video showed that Golatt was likely the last person to see
Rodgers before her death.

A benefit honoring Kristen Rodgers-Tabbert will be held at 1 p.m. Saturday at the Robin’s Nest, 328 Goddard St.


LA CROSSE (WEAU) – A man convicted of murdering a woman earlier this year will spend the rest of his life in prison with no chance at extended supervision.

On Friday morning, a judge sentenced Izelia Golatt, 44, of La Crosse.

A jury found Golatt guilty of First Degree Murder in the strangling death of Kristen Rodgers, 35, in September. Investigators say she was found in an alley on the north side of La Crosse in March, and that surveillance video shows Golatt’s van in the spot where Rodgers’ body was.

We had a reporter in court today, and we'll have more tonight on WEAU 13 News.