Good Friday tornado rated an EF-4 by National Weather Service

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On Good Friday evening, April 22nd a tornadic supercell produced a tornado touching down on the northwest side of St. Louis. Crews from the National Weather Service have updated their latest damage assessments in the area and have found two tornadoes touched down in the St. Louis area with one of them being a long tracked, violent tornado.

The long track tornado rapidly intensified after touching down near Creve Couer Lake and maxed out at EF-4 intensity with the greatest damage occurring in the communities of Maryland Heights, Bridgeton, St. Ann, Edmundson, Lambert St. Louis International Airport, Berkeley, and Ferguson in St. Louis County and in Madison County near Granite City.

The total path of the tornado was 22 miles long and had a with of up to .4 miles wide.

There were several injuries at the airport from broken glass and flying debris. Incredibly, no one was killed by either tornado that day in the St. Louis area.

The other tornado that touched down was a bit farther west of where the EF-4 tornado touched down. The tornado touched down for 5 miles around New Melle and was rated an EF-1.

The EF-4 tornado was the strongest tornado to hit St. Louis county in 44 years. The last tornado was an F-4 tornado that tore through the northwest side of the St. Louis metro on January 24th, 1967.

It is incredible nobody died from the tornadoes. The tornado warning was issued over 30 minutes before the tornado ripped through the area, which likely helped save many lives.

More severe weather is lined up from Texas up into the Ohio River Valley. Another danger besides tornadoes this week is flash flooding in the Mid-Mississippi River Valley and Ohio River Valley from heavy rainfall and storms training over the same areas.

The focus for severe weather on Monday will shift into Southern Missouri and pretty much all of Arkansas

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