Gov. Walker in Eau Claire for 79th annual Conservation Congress

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- Gov. Scott Walker made a stop in Eau Claire speaking at the 79th annual Conservation Congress.

The meeting was at the Plaza Hotel Friday afternoon.

Walker talked about topics related to the environment, outdoors and the budget.

He focused on making Wisconsin a more "hunter friendly" state, especially when it comes to helping with getting younger people involved in the sport.

Part of that discussion also included an update on implementing the Deer Trustee's report and making sure hunters have access to public lands.

One person at the meeting brought up concerns with cuts to stewardship in the state budget.

"In the past, a fair amount of money used in the stewardship fund wasn't directed toward conservation activity. I think that frustrated people as well," Walker responded. "What we've done is taken the money that is available and made sure it is directed toward increasing and improving public lands for conservation."

Eau Claire was the governor's last stop of the day. He was in Madison at an earlier event.

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