Gov. Walker to stump for Romney in New Hampshire

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(WEAU) - Governor Walker travels out of state this weekend to campaign on behalf of Mitt Romney.

Walker, a popular face in the GOP ever since he beat down a recall against him, will address the New Hampshire GOP Convention on Saturday.

He will then head out to an "Earn It" Victory event at a ski chalet in Manchester.

A new poll done in part by NBC News shows President Obama with a widening lead in New Hampshire. He nabbed 51% to Romney's 44%.

Obama also leads in job approval, the economy and overall favorability in that state.

Walker has made it clear he believes Romney needs to get more aggressive in the campaign to defeat President Obama.

Earlier this summer, Walker spoke at a breakfast in Washington put on by the Christian Science Monitor. There, he said Romney's "got to have a simple message of not only why we need to replace the current occupant in the White House, but also why he would be better.”

More recently, on Fox News Sunday, Walker said he wanted to see more "fire in the belly."

Walker has said the "R" by Romney's name needs to stand for more than Republican. It should stand for "reformer."

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