Governor Walker talks tax cuts in Eau Claire

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) Tax relief is on the way for Wisconsinites, after Governor Walker signs his tax cut bill Monday.

After signing the bill on a farm in Shawano County, the Governor made his way to the Chippewa Valley Monday afternoon.

Walker made an appearance at the Eau Claire Chamber of Commerce to talk about the tax cuts.

The tax cut bill sends $406 million of the state's surplus to technical colleges to reduce their property tax hit.

"For a typical home owner in Eau Claire that means property taxes will go down by about just over $100 dollars this year that means property taxes in December," says the Governor.

Lawmakers were split on party lines as the bill made its way through the Assembly and Senate.

The Assembly approved the tax cuts last week in a 61-35 vote.

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