Governor Walker visits Eleva-Strum High School

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STRUM, Wis. (WEAU) Governor Scott Walker was back in western Wisconsin Friday, visiting an area high school.

The Governor took a tour of the Eleva-Strum High School's manufacturing shop to learn about the school's manufacturing curriculum and its student-run manufacturing program.

He says students in the program aren't just learning about the industry, they're a part of it, and programs like this one are leading the state in producing well trained future workers..

"Employees across the state are just begging us for more people particularly with skilled traits, and a program like this, particularly in this part of the state sends a string message that there are going to be a steady supply of well-prepared, hard working good workers for many years to come. and i think it will help us create more jobs," says Governor Walker.

While Governor Walker was in Strum this morning, a group of protesters welcomed him to the area.

They say they wanted to send a message that they are opposed to his ideas and believe he's hurting the public education system by cutting its funding.

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