Grocery prices rise as crops dry up

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LA CROSSE COUNTY (WEAU)- Many of you may have noticed the increase in cereal prices this last week.

This warm weather we’ve been having is already affecting the prices in our grocery stores. Many corn crops are on the verge of shriveling up in this heat.

What’s happening out in the fields is affecting the prices in the store, and there’s little moms can do.

“I shop around. I don’t just shop at one store anymore. I used to find one favorite store and shop there, but now I really watch prices and when I see a sale I go for it,” says La Crosse mom Janet Gomez.

Price increases could have some families like Janet Gomez’s giving up cereal for time being.

“I’ll use coupons but ill look for alternatives to cereals for the kids. We may go back to oatmeal,” said Gomez.

Steve Huntzicker from UW-Extension says this heat has caused corn prices to go up as many U.S. crops are on the verge of dying. If they don’t get rain soon there’s no telling how high prices will go.

“It will depend on production and how our yields turn out. In the end a lot will deal with pollination,” said Huntzicker.

Cereal prices are up right now and it’s expected they will keep on fluctuating as long as the weather stays warm.

Farmer Kevin Semke from Coon Valley says his crops are doing fine, but it’s the ones south that are suffering.

“Illinois, Indiana, and southern Wisconsin things are getting really dry and if they don’t get moisture soon they’ll be in trouble with their crops,” said Semke.

Reserves are starting to be used up which eventually trickles down to your wallet says Semke.

“A lot of old crop has been sold and is being used up. The reserves are getting pulled down so it could eventually drive it up,” said Semke.

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