NEW INFORMATION: Crews pull bulldozer from Lake Wissota

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TOWN OF ANSON, Wis. (WEAU) -- Crews were finally able to pull the submerged bulldozer from Lake Wissota just after 7 o'clock Thursday night.

It broke through the ice last Thursday while preparing for a vintage snowmobile race.

Getting the bulldozer from the bottom of the lake to dry land was a slow process. Work started Tuesday.

The site supervisor says the machine itself is in "great shape" but the functionality of the electronics are a concern.

Initial assessment of the bulldozer leads crews to believe the bulldozer is salvageable.

We'll have the very latest tonight on WEAU 13 News at Ten.


Crews were back out on Lake Wissota Thursday, working to pull the submerged bulldozer back to shore.

After cutting a trench in the ice more than 600 feet out to where the bulldozer fell through, divers attached a cable to it on Wednesday night. Crews were able to pull it with a tank transporter about 300 feet before it got caught on debris. The bulldozer then tipped over with it's blade digging into the lake bottom. Now stalled, crews brought in a 30-foot-log to act as a fulcrum to lift the bulldozer out of the debris with the cable pulling over the tip of the log.

Once it's loose, the crew hopes to be able to continue winching the bulldozer back to shore. When it's close enough, they then plan to cut a hole big enough to bring the bulldozer back on land.

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