Feelin' Hot, Hot, Hot! Heat wave to hit Chippewa Valley

(WEAU) – A heat wave is expected to hit the Chippewa Valley next week, but the question is how can you prepare for it?

We’ve heard the sound of shoveling snow just a few months ago and in the blink of an eye the sounds of July are here.

If you plan on being outside in this heat wave in a non-shaded area, you want to stay away from dark colors. You'd be better off wearing something like a light colored shirt because then you won't be absorbing all the heat that's coming off the sun. But how else can kids stay safe?

"Drink lots of water. While you're here apply that sunscreen and take a time out get in the shade get in some air conditioning for a while too. We're not quite used to this heat yet,” said Christine Mohr, Fairfax Pool Manager.

She's right! We've only seen three days in the 90's compared to last year’s 18 days!

But the heat is on and it’s expected to feel like upper 90's even 100 degrees this week.

"When the heat waves come we extend our hours,” said Mohr.

Fairfax Pool says they will extend hours on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. They plan to be open until 8 instead of 7pm. But how can young adults or even lifeguards stay safe?

"We have a couple extra guards on duty. We get our guards hydrated, sunscreeened and just really get prepared for it,” said Mohr.

Same goes for the wisest of us all! Robin Lemay of Oakwood Villa in Altoona says the heat affects senior citizens the most. Lemay says heat stroke is common this time of year, so it's key to watch out for symptoms.

"Headache, fainting, confusion elevated temperature of greater than 105 degrees,” said Lemay.

Don't forget to check on them at home too.

"We limit the caffeine intake to our clients. Secondly we avoid long periods of exposure to the heat. We keep them in air conditioned environment as much as possible. The fresh air is wonderful and we encourage that but safety comes first,” said Lemay.