High school graduation rates up slightly

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FOUNTAIN CITY, Wis. (WEAU) --- Data from the State Department of Public Instruction shows 87.5% of students graduated in four years in 2012.

That’s up half a percent from the year before.

“Anytime there’s some improvement under the very watchful eye of the public is a very positive thing for public education,” said Cochrane-Fountain City School Superintendent Thomas Hiebert.

Hiebert said 93.5% of students in their district graduated in four years last school year.

He said the district has supportive staff to helps students be successful, but that’s only half the battle.

Hiebert said parent and student involvement are key factors to a successful graduation rate.”

He also said it’s important to look at all factors that could keep students from graduating.

Hiebert said the district has a lot of students who move in and out late in their high school careers.

“Which means they may come in with adjustments, they may come in with being behind in credits, and then we need to make sure they have opportunities to make those up,” said Hiebert.

Students we talked to say staying in schools means achieving a goal, and gives them more options.

“My study is really important to me and it’s been in my family. All of my family has graduated, and it’s just a goal that I’ve set,” said Cochrane-Fountain City Senior Taylor Gibson.

“Staying in high school and graduating high school and getting my diploma opens up opportunities for the future through college and work careers,” said Cochrane-Fountain City Senior Laurie Hiebert.

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