Highway projects that could impact your drive this construction season

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The Wisconsin Department of Transportation has already started some its construction projects for the 2014 season. Some projects will last all the way through fall, and could have an impact on your drive if you'll be out on the highways.

"We always have such a condensed construction season so we try to get a jump on it early," explains Don Gutkowski, of the Wisconsin DOT.

Several construction projects in our region have already started, or are slated to begin later this month.

Many of the projects are along I-94, and include replacing bridges and pavement.

"What's probably more significant these last couple years and the years coming up are interstate projects, large dollars, large reconstruct projects, again it was built in the late '59 through early 60's...And so all that pavement you are gonna be doing in different times as well as the bridges..," he said.

On a stretch of I-94 outside of Eau Claire, crews have already started work on replacing a bridge.

The ramps are also being re-done at the Highway 37 exit, and will be closed until Memorial Day.

Construction on the highway will go through the fall.

"It's actually the second phase of what we did last year where we were over by Highway 93 and closed some of the ramps over there," he added.

Elsewhere, there's work being done on the Red Cedar River bridge outside Menomonie. A project that will run through the fall.

In Jackson County, crews will begin re-paving a stretch of I-94 in September. That spans from Highway 95 to County Highway F.

"Statewide you'll see other impacts as you travel the interstate system, and they are different phases," he said.

Travelers we talked with Friday, said driving so far has been smooth.

People are noticing the construction zones popping up.

"It isn't too bad, I know where they are now, I know whether to avoid them or time of day so you just gotta do the best you can," said Steve Frohnauer.

"We have to put up with some inconveniences every one in awhile, it could be a lot worse," said Chris Kennedy.

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