Historic roller rink making a comeback in Hatfield

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After an overnight fire this past January that nearly burned 90 years of history to the ground, the old roller rink in Hatfield is making a comeback.

Many still recall the historic significance of the rink.

"You can imagine a young boy about 13 years old and seeing all the city girls," says Russ Shoemaker who grew up in Merrillan right next to Hatfield. "That was opening up the world back then. sock hops learning how to dance."

Back then, the social headquarters was called the "Thunderbird Roller Rink."

Most recently, the rink was called "Club Twilight." It caught on fire in January after investigators say the owner accidentally left on a light that was a underneath a burlap bag.

After pouring their heart and soul into Club Twilight, the previous owners decided to put it up for sale and now, repairs are in order.

"We're bringing back this icon. This is an icon of Hatfield," says Russ Shoemaker.

Russ Shoemaker and his wife Lory Shoemaker are helping Russ' sister and brother-in-law, Hope and Jerome Laufenberg, bring back the Lake Arbutus Pavilion.

"Lake Arbutus Pavilion was the original name back in 1921," says Russ Shoemaker.

He says the Pavilion will bring back the original flavor, with of course, a roller rink, the possibility of a 50's soda fountain and an old school favorite: sock hops!

The roller rink is drawing people from all walks of life.

"Having a lot of fun as a kid, running into the wall over there on the west end all the time," recalls Mark Scheibe who used to camp in the area at his uncles. He's also helping rebuild the new Pavilion.

"We had a good time here watch the kids rollerskating and all my grand children came up here and they all roller skated," says Ronald Budnowski who remembers coming down the rink 47 years ago with his wife and later on, his kids.

The Lake Arbutus Pavilion is set to open in late-December or early spring.

Find them on Facebook by searching Lake Arbutus Pavilion.


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