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The sound of a shovel scooping snow on the ground marks the start of winter. Outdoors, it is clear it is here. But indoors, it is not so evident, yet.

Near the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, Britini Anderske and Emily Veto begin planning to seal their windows, hoping to keep the heat once the temperatures drop.

"This is an older house, so certain areas may have a draft," said Veto.

Plastic wrap on the windows is a small defense. But it is 68 degrees of heat that will keep them warm this winter.

Xcel Energy spokesperson Liz Wolf Green says that number is a good starting point.

"I think 68 is a good place to start," Wolf Green said. "So before you go to bed, turn your thermostat down five degrees or when you go away for an hour. It can save up to $70 annually on heating costs."

But staying warm and cutting costs goes beyond adjusting the heater.

"Set the water heater at 120 degrees. Use cold water when washing your clothes," Wolf Green said.

And if all else fails:

"It's warm enough and if you are chilly it's easy to grab a blanket," Anderske said. "It's not that hard to stay warm with the temperature we have it at anyway."

For more resources on saving money while heating your home, visit Focusonenergy.com

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