Hottest Halloween costumes for 2012

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(WEAU) - Now that Halloween has arrived, we've talked about protecting your teeth against sugar, pet costumes. But what are the hottest costumes of the year and where are people getting their inspiration?

Dressing up for Halloween can be an interesting time, you want to find something clever but that might not always be the case.

According to the National Retail Federation, about 6 million adults will dress as a witch this year. About 3.2 million adults will dress as a vampire and coming in third is the popular pirate costume.

The hottest costumes for kids for 2012 shows princess costumes take the number one spot. Then, its followed by Batman and in third is Spiderman.

But, we can't forget our four legged friends. The most popular pet costume this year is a pumpkin, followed by the evil devil and ironically behind is hot dogs.

But the question is, where are people getting their inspiration? The hottest place to find inspiration is in retail stores, which shows 35.7% of Americans will use. Then, closely behind, 33.3% of people are searching online. Then at 23.7%, family friends are there to help inspire you.

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