How cold is too cold for school?

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis (WEAU)--The Eau Claire School District uses the National Weather Service recommendations on school cancellations, which say schools should close when the air temperatures reach 30-below or the wind chill reaches 30-below.

"I think that’s a little too cold," Cindy Webb
"I think it could be a little warmer that is darn cold," said Christine Baumgardner.

The District says the NWS guideline is just a recommendation and not a rule. The District says a lot of factors go in to deciding whether to cancel school, including how well buses will run and building temperatures.

"I feel there has probably been enough research and know what is safe for the kids so trust the schools with what their decision is," said Frank Irvine.

The icy temps may have not been cold enough to cancel school but one parent says it did add a few steps to their morning routine.

"Just made sure that they were bundled up and ready to go,” said Irvine.

Cindy Webb says she lives just a few blocks from South Middle School where her 7th grader attends.

"I'm still going to drop my kids and pick them up," said Webb.

And she's not alone, Christine Baumgardner says on subzero days like this you can't be too careful

“I make sure that they are really bundled up and drop them off close to the door and make sure I’m here to pick them up. You are just nervous for frost bite and they kids have to carry so many things you don’t what them to get exposed for any length of time,” said Baumgardner.