NEW INFORMATION: Budget panel wants to see Corrections plan

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MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- The Legislature's budget committee wants to see more details from the Department of Corrections about its plan for hiring additional staff before handing over the money.

The Joint Finance Committee on Monday voted unanimously to hold off on giving the money to corrections until it sees a plan.

Gov. Scott Walker proposed adding Corrections staff to deal with increased GPS monitoring, make needed informational technology improvements and open a new Office of Inspector General to handle internal investigations.

In total, about 70 new workers were to be hired in the three areas. But the committee, with no discussion, put off approving funding for that until the department comes forward with more details for its plans.
MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- Staffing at the state Department of Corrections would increase by 50 people under provisions of Gov. Scott Walker's budget scheduled for a vote.

The increases in staff are up for consideration Monday before the Legislature's Joint Finance Committee.

Walker is seeking about 39 more Corrections workers to monitor a growing population of sex offenders and others required to be tracked via GPS.

He's also asking for 18 positions to bolster the department's information technology staffing and five people for additional mental health services at three maximum security prisons.

Walker also wants to create a new Office of Inspector General with 11 new positions to improve internal operations, lead investigations and eliminate waste, fraud and abuse.

Reductions in staff elsewhere would lead to a net of 50 new positions.

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