Inmates move into new technology at E.C County jail

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(WEAU) – 146 inmates are now safe at the Eau Claire County jail, moving through secured hallways from the old facility and into the new.

"The move of the in mates was after business hours took under 3 hours. We've never had to move this many inmates at one time. It went very well but did a lot of preplanning, “said Pat Christenson, Lieutenant of Security Services.

Lieutenant of Security Services says laying out this blue print took some time and they even used transport vans to relocate those from Chippewa County.

"We sat down logistically worked it out. Came up with who was going to move who. Had everybody in groups,” said Christenson.

She says compared to the old facility, the new jail is much safer because they can better monitor inmates. However, there is another change.

If friends or family want to come visit their loved ones at the jail, it’s no longer split between a piece of glass. They now have to use this video camera phone to talk to them and there's also this camera placed inside an inmate’s cell.

Brian Peters of Renovo Software says he provided Eau Claire with the video phones, which can be found in about 100 other jails around the country.

"We were brought in very early in how this can be implemented to be able to save space, how we can save on man power for moving the inmates to visitors," said Brian Peters of Renovo Software.

He says the cameras have other features like Skype.

"We think of Skype as being able to visit from home and things like that. The technology that Eau Claire has at the facility will allow for that when they want to be able to offer that," said Peters.

Right now friends and families are no longer allowed to visit on weekend, until staff is up to speed on the new jail.

However, people can soon schedule time online to visit their loved ones for two days a week during business hours.

Click link below to schedule time with an inmate.

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