Jazz Festival means boost for businesses

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- It is like stepping into a different place in a different time. On Friday, Barstow Street was filled with the sounds of jazz.

At Pizza Plus it brought out many customers hungry for music. And lucky for the business, they are hungry food, too.

"I'm crossing my fingers and hoping it's a record night," said Benny Haas, owner of Pizza Plus.

For him, it is nights like these that business gets a boost.

"As we've learned in the restaurant industry you almost have to create an event to get people to kinda come out and do something different," he said.

At last year's jazz festival, Mike Schatz remembers seeing all the people that came out and hearing about all the money that came in.

"Visit Eau Claire has done a study that shows it brought in $200,000 to our area," he said.

At the 410 Cafe, the sound of the pianos and strings brought out people like Mary Jo Wagner who chose to come downtown for the music.

"You all get this wonderful feeling from music, especially Jazz," Wagner said.

And so as keys click, strings pluck, and toes tap -- signs of customers having a good time, so is the case for those serving them.

"For all the bars and restaurants it had to be a great night for them," Schatz added.

For more information about the Eau Claire Jazz Festival, click here.

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