Keeping your snow blower running after a big snow

(WEAU) - If your snow clearing weapon of choice is a snow blower, Monday was likely the first time in quite a while you pulled it out of the garage. But what do you need to do to make sure your snow blower doesn't break down on you?

At Eau Claire Lawn Equipment, they've seen a big spike in sales and repairs on the machines. Sales Manager Jason Kistner says there are a couple of tips to make sure your snow blower starts back up after working hard to clear this first snow.

"When you're done using the snow blower, let it run for a little while. Let some of the snow melt off from it. Take a broom and clean off the snow blower. Run the unit with the auger engaged for just a little bit to get any excess snow and water out from the impeller."

Kistner added that when you go to brush off your machine, make sure it is not running.

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