NEW INFORMATION: Stratman back to work for La Crosse Sheriff's Department

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NEW INFORMATION: LA CROSSE, Wis. (WEAU) – The La Crosse County Sheriff's Department has confirmed that Trisha Stratman returned to work today.

This is her first day back since 2010, when a criminal complaint says Stratman sped through a red light at about 90 mph and hit and killed Brandon Jennings, 16, of Onalaska.

The jury found Stratman not guilty of homicide be negligent operation of a vehicle.

The arbitration ruled that Stratman's punishment should be reduced to a 30-day suspension dating back to October of 2011, and she was awarded back pay to when that suspension would have ended.


La Crosse County will not appeal the reinstatement of a former sheriff’s deputy who was involved in a 2010 crash that killed a teenager.

La Crosse County Corporation Counsel Dave Lange says the county and its attorney don’t believe they have the grounds to appeal an arbitrator’s decision on Trisha Stratman. In June, that arbitrator found that her termination from the sheriff’s department wasn’t justified, and that the punishment should be reduced to a 30-day suspension. The finding called for the suspension to be backdated to October 2011, and give Stratman back pay to when it would have ended.

Prosecutors charged Stratman with Homicide by Negligent Operation of a Vehicle after the July 2010 crash. A complaint said Stratman drove at nearly 90 miles-per-hour through a red light on her way to a call that day, hitting and killing Brandon Jennings, 16, of Onalaska. A jury later acquitted her.

Stratman’s first day back on the job is scheduled for July 29.