Law enforcement officers train for marijuana operation bust

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis (WEAU)--As police announced a major drug bust on the other side of the state --local law enforcement takes up the war on drugs.
20 local law enforcement officers from are taking part in a training mission to develop key skills needed to bust marijuana growing operations

This is real life stuff that happens in a lot of counties forests and state forest lands that we are finding growers that are growing illegal and arming themselves," said Eau Claire County Sheriff Ron Cramer.

The officers are split in to two teams.
The teams are flown by black hawk helicopters to Oneida County and dropped off in an undisclosed wooded area. From Oneida the tactical teams’ job is to locate the simulated drug operation and arrest the parties involved.

"Communication will be a huge issue because we don't have that counties frequency and they don't have our frequency,” said Don Hennings with the Eau Claire Sheriff’s Department.

Sheriff Cramer says training missions like this one are key part of making sure officers stay safe.

We want these guys trained on thinking on their feet saying what if what if a trip wire is there because a lot of these grow operations is booby trapped, so we are trying to make them aware of their surroundings and do the mission safely," said Cramer.